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The Sharp Knife

Of a Short Life

23 May 1985
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This is me. My name is Lindsay. I am not the easiest person in the world to get along with. I love working with and being around people, I feel stressed when I have to stay at home. I am still, at nearly 30, trying to 'find myself' - whatever the hell that means. It's been a long journey.

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This is Andrea. She is my soulmate. I love her with an intensity and fierceness Ive never experienced before. She homeschools our oldest, and wants to live the farm life all the while looking after our 5 insane kids. She has had so much patience for me, and has put her dreams on the back burner so I could heal. She is amazing and I am so lucky to have her in my life.

 photo 71b1e5d3-c944-4ce3-81ba-cab7ffaeecf6.jpg
This is Craig. We are legally still married, and I still love him, but we are no longer in typical relationship. He is a great friend, probably my best. We have known eachother since we were 5, and our back and forth banter speaks volumes to that. He is funny, and a smart ass, and a little boy at heart.

 photo 1486597_10152507678412825_2759251674721300028_n.jpg
Roman is a dichotomy. He belives in magic fiercely - and I love it. But he is very into numbers, spelling and math. I am having difficulty keeping him grounded in childhood while trying to encourage his logical nature. He is both a joy and a pain at 8 years old.

 photo 10805746_10152507678232825_150534177506786710_n.jpg
Kahlan. She is fiery, she is flaky, and she is loud. Everything is in your face - from excitement to anger. She is a daddy's girl, and has been for as long as I can remember. She is a little mother - she loves to clean, loves to take care of her siblings, loves to pretend to be an adult. But still gets upset when her clothes don't match or fit the way she wants.

 photo 10384300_10152507678237825_6690575715249210118_n.jpg
This is Matteo. He is a boy. He is a boy's boy. And its awesome! He is trouble and he gets into everything - I think its a case both of him trying to figure out what things are, if he can play with them, and because he so big he is just clumsy. He gives the best snuggles of all the kids - probably because he is so active, so when he does take the time to give you a hug or kiss it means that much more. Teo is sweet; underneath the dirt, mess, and food that constantly covers him.

 photo 10393893_10152507678377825_529382438783842377_n.jpg
This is Remy. She is rage filled, she is A LOT of child. She sleeps horrible, she screams, and all the adults in the home are a little afraid of her. But she does have love in her, and happiness in her - and when she shows you, it is all consuming. I have high hopes for her, and probably spend more time thinking about her future than any of the other kids.

 photo 10704_10152507678102825_6129231145782834140_n.jpg
This is Jove - the youngest of the bunch. It is with him that I am on one of the greatest journey's as a parent that I have ever undertaken. He is such a happy, personable baby. He loves strangers, loves being down and crawling around in public - but when we are at home he must be up with Andrea. He loves cars and trucks and has since he was tiny. His first word was car.

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